Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for NMFFC funding?

Children who are adjudicated abused or neglected in the State of New Mexico.

Who can apply?

Foster parents, CASA volunteers, permanency planning workers and other workers, guardian ad litems, youth attorneys, CRB members, treatment foster agency workers, or the child themselves.

How can I get an application?

Visit the Applications page on this website or send application related questions to

Is the application hard or long?

No, it is a simple two page application. Only one child and one item per application is allowed. We do not fund for reimbursements. The foster parent or social worker must sign the application.

What about the scholarship program?

The scholarship program was started about five years ago and is for young people age 17-25 who have been in foster care at some point in their lives.  This is an annual program and applications are taken in the spring.  See the Applications page of this website and send any further questions to